Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exciting News!

I have exciting News!! First I have a fresh new look for the website! Come on over and check out the new PaperAlice.com
I am very excited to announce my new 12 X 12 Papermaking Kit for ALL you avid Scrapbookers!!! 12" x 12" kit designed and sold exclusively by Paper Alice. Now you can make your own handmade paper for your 12" x 12" scrapbooks!
Kits include:
12 x 12 Frame
Papermaking Screen
Cover Screen
Blotter Paper
Plus Extras!-- I have also included a package of Acid Free Powder, a package of colored Angel Wings, and a package of Iridescent Flakes to make your pages POP and be acid free! My ever popular drying material will be included as well so your creations will be a breeze!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Hello...I just found your site from a blogger friend.
I've always been interested in making my own paper, so she pointed your site out to me.

I see that you are from Ohio...Sweet! Maybe I can make it to one of your classes!

Love your Blog, and your web site!